2M Group of Companies

2M Group of Companies

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2M Group of Companies

Save Energy, Reduce Expenditure, Improve Efficiency, Reduce GHG Emissions related to generating and using Compressed Air.

The innovative AirSmart buffering accumulation technology, from Aug-Wind, is available in the UK from the 2M Group of Companies.

The AirSmart large volume pressurised air storage system separates the operating parameters of compressed air generation and related pneumatic operations.

The subterranean installation stores extremely large volumes of pressurised air within a polymer lined infrastructure that utilises natural geological forces to optimise long term safety. The stock of air is readily available for instantaneous supply at optimised pressure with volume flow rates that can cope with sudden discharge or compressor down time conditions providing high efficiency performance. The buffering action provides a calm and constant demand on compressors substantially reducing running costs by eliminating energy waste and extending maintenance programmes.

Visit us to discuss how AirSmart can save you money and improve your carbon footprint.


2M House, Sutton Quays Bus. Park
Clifton Road
Sutton Weaver
United Kingdom
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