Exhibitor Videos

Exhibitor Videos

  • Invented in the UK by PCL and still built and tested in Sheffield, PCL has improved the design and material thickness of the air line coupling to enhance its durability and ease of use making it the l ...
  • Pressure transmitter for highly dynamic pressure curves NAH 8254 20 kHz. A special combination of thin-film on-steel sensor element with the in-house developed ASIC enables high-dynamic measurements. ...
  • Measuring principle: PT 1000, DIN EN 60751 class A, 2 conductors Applications: Machine tools, Hydraulic power units, Cooling and lubrication systems, HVAC, Process technology Main features: Parameteri ...
  • Applications: Machine tools; Hydraulics; Process technology; Industrial applications; HVAC; Refrigeration; Water treatment Main features: Parameterization via NFC-smartphone App (Android); Display and ...
  • SCR Air Ltd

    26 Feb 2020 shanghai screw compressor
    Shanghai Screw Compressor, 10HP PM Compressor,15HP PM Compressor, SCR Compressor, Tank Mounted PM Compressor, SCR10PM2, SCR15PM2, SCR20PM2.
  • STERLING CS75 oil/water separator

    20 Feb 2020 STERLING Separation Ltd
    General description of the design and operation of the CS75 oil/water separator
  • Thorite Systems

    03 Feb 2020
  • Pneumofore presents the double-stage UV16 H B3500 IC VS11 vacuum pump.