Exhibitor News

Exhibitor News

  • Ditributors for SETTIMA

    14 Dec 2017 Antech Hydraulics Ltd

    Antech Hydraulics Ltd has been appointed as UK distributor for Settima Screw Pumps. Antech’s managing director Andy Newell said: “We are very excited to have this opportunity. We know Settima produces quality pumps with great reliability and the low noise design is something many sectors will appreciate.”



  • Reach Your Engineering Goal Quickly, with LASAL Add-Ons

    04 Dec 2017 Sigmatek Automation UK Ltd.

    In modern machine concepts 4.0, hardware modularity, as well as modularity for engineering, is in demand to enable machines to be flexibly modified for adaptive production processes. The object-oriented automation software LASAL supports mechatronic engineering. In the extensive library, modules for various standard functions are provided.

    With LASAL Add-Ons, the user can create application software even quicker and easier. The ready-to-use templates are constructed like wizards and available for diverse machine functions. For example, the control of a Delta robot and corresponding visualization can be quickly and easily created only with a few mouse clicks. Further examples include templates for CNC, axis control, Pick&Place, OPC UA, VNC, temperature control, PID controller, user management, diagnostics, data analyzer and recipe management.

    The Add-Ons are configured function-specifically and contain all the necessary program and display elements in different resolutions. A brief description and thorough documentation of the respective features are integrated. The templates are designed for multi-CPU solutions and can also be simply added to existing projects.

    An additional benefit of object-oriented programming with LASAL is that once software classes have been tested, they can always be reused and comfortably adapted. This can reduce software engineering by up to 70 percent – with increased quality and greater clarity.

  • Heeco continues to demonstrate its growing market position in the maritime market. The company has secured and completed a number of electrical engineering projects on naval vessels and offshore patrol vessels over the last quarter of 2017.

  • How does MCPD affect YOU?

    03 Nov 2017 JBC Industrial Services Ltd

    The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) is on it’s way and will be transposed into UK law by 19th December 2017. The MCPD  places strict controls on emissions of NOx, SOx and particulates to the atmosphere for all boilers, burners, turbines and engines more than 1MWth input.

    This means that anyone with a boiler generating around 1.3 ton/hr of steam or more, or using a CHP or diesel generator of around 400kVA or more, will need to take action. The Environmental Agency (EA) has been appointed as the regulatory body to oversee compliance. 

    If your company runs any combustion plant from 1MW thermal Input up to 50 MWth you will fall into the MCPD. The emission limits have already been set for the European Union and a number of staging dates set for the various sizes and types of industrial plant.

    JBC have invested time and resources in order to advise our customers on how and if MCPD affects them and what their options are.

    The directive fills in the gap between the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (the IED) and the “Eco-Design” Directive 2009/125/EC and applies to both new and existing equipment. In some cases, plants may be exempt if covered by another directive.

    Emissions Limit Values (ELV’s) will vary depending on the type of plant and fuel used and will take into account the date it was commissioned. Carbon monoxide (CO) will also need to be monitored under the new regulations.

    New plants are required to have a permit from 20th December 2018 before they are eligible to operate.

    installations up to 20 MW will be inspected every 3 years and those between 20 MW and 50 MW annually. 

    Existing plants will not need to obtain a permit until January 2024 if over 5MW and 2029 for smaller plants.

    Any plant that is not compliant can only run for a maximum of 500 hours per year over 5 years and must not exceed 200 mg/Nm3.

    For help, advice and updated information on MCPD contact, putting ‘MCPD Advice’ as the subject header or contact 0113 220 3830 and ask for Matthew Schofield.

  • Multi-touch in Widescreen Format: The modular ETT Panels

    02 Nov 2017 Sigmatek Automation UK Ltd.

    The ETT panel family from SIGMATEK is growing: With new, modular widescreen variants, the user has attractive multi-touch operating panels for demanding, modern visualization concepts.

    The projective capacitive touch technology enables intuitive operation with multi-finger input, which can be used for more Safety in handling machines and equipment. For example, when two buttons must be pressed at the same time. And the widescreen display provides clarity, since there is plenty of space to arrange operating elements, features and contents.

    The modular construction provides flexible application options. The ETT panels can either be equipped with an attachable CPU or an HMI-Link unit. The CPU unit with EDGE2 Technology dual-core processor supports OPC-UA communication and has, depending on the model, 1 to 2 GB of internal program and data memory (DDR3 RAM) and 512 MB to 16 GB microSD memory. 2x Ethernet, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB-OTG are standard interfaces. With the HMI-Link unit, the operating panel can be located up to 100 m from the control cabinet.

    The multi-touch HMIs come in five different display sizes from 10.1 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels to 21.5 inches with 1920 x 1080 pixels (full HD). Whether in vertical or horizontal format  – the thin panels with an easy to clean glass front in IP65 protection are equipped for any situation.

    The object-oriented engineering tool LASAL provides high comfort and flexibility with creating multi-touch applications. 

  • A comprehensive range of slewing ring bearings and drives is available from NBC Group under the QCB brand name.

    Designers and other interested parties are invited to drop into stand D776 to discuss any problems they have or upcoming projects. NBC prides itself on being able to offer a range of solutions for many problems. 

  • Stepper Motor Module with STO: The ST 151

    13 Oct 2017 Sigmatek Automation UK Ltd.

    The ST 151 expands the S-DIAS Motion series with a high-performance stepper motor output stage, which is designed to control two-phase stepper motors up to a rated voltage of 50 V DC and a continuous current of 5 A in full and half step mode. In addition, microstepping is supported with 64 micro steps per full step, whereby a highly precise and at the same time smooth running of the motor is achieved.

    The stepper motor module in compact S-DIAS form has an incremental encoder interface for position control of the stepper motor, as well as a 2-channel enable input for implementing the Safety function Safe Torque Off (SIL 3, PL e). Using STO, the drive can be safely put in a torque-free condition when needed. Two digital inputs (+24 V DC) with a delay of 10 µs are also on board. These can be used as end switches, a position latch or for reference profiles.

    The parameters are set in the control application. The ST 151 can therefore be perfectly adapted to the respective motor and area of operation. In the drive library of the engineering tool LASAL, a wide selection of predefined motion components is available, so that the application is ready to use.

    In addition to the servo motor output stages with incremental encoder or resolver inputs, the S-DIAS Motion series includes DC motor current controllers. In combination with the Safety modules of the series encoder signals such as speed, position, direction of rotation and standstill can be safely and flexibly monitored (SIL 3, PL e). 

    Dimensions ST 151: 25 x 104 x 72 mm (W x H x D)

  • Safety is now open with TR

    10 Oct 2017 TR Electronic Ltd

    Safety is open with TR: Ethernet Powerlink with openSAFETY now also available at TR-Electronic

    Absolute safety-encoders CDV75 und CDH75 conquer new automation landscapes.


  • Wireless, Multi-touch & Safety Functions: The HGW 1033

    05 Oct 2017 Sigmatek Automation UK Ltd.

    The wireless handheld panel HGW 1033 pulls out all the stops in operating comfort. First, through wireless data transfer, the meter-long cables in the production hall have been eliminated. Second, the mobile panel has a 10.1-inch multi-touch display (PCT) that is suitable for industrial applications and offers a wide range of visualization options and an intuitive operating concept.

    The modern HMI is already equipped with Safety functions: Confirmation button, key switch and an active-illuminated emergency stop. When inactive, the button appears gray. An illuminated red mushroom button indicates that the HGW 1033 is correctly linked to the system and the Safety elements are ready to use. As with the function-oriented data, the Safety data is transmitted via the standard WLAN network but according to the Black Channel Principle. With the wireless HMI, the machine operator can flexibly select the inspection points and operate multiple machines, robots or system units at the same time with only one panel. For this purpose, a safe 7-segment display for machine identification is integrated.

    A dual-core EDGE2 Technology processor provides the necessary visualization power, as well as the integrated battery back, which guarantees 2 hours of continuous use without having to recharge the mobile panel. The wireless panel supports OPC-UA communication and includes a USB interface as standard. Optionally, an RFID reader can be integrated to authorize access levels for example.

    Fully equipped, the HGW 1033 weighs 1,500 g including Safety elements and battery pack – it therefore fits light in hand compared to other handheld devices and thereby ensures low-fatigue operation.

    On the grip unit located on the back, there are magnets that allow the HMI to be placed on the machine component without a mount – a practical added feature.

  • Weathering the Storm

    10 Jan 2017 Pepperl & Fuchs (GB) Ltd



    The new F31K2 completes the Pepperl+Fuchs product program of “open solutions for valve position feedback on valve actuators “with dual inductive sensors. The products in the range meet all the requirements of modern applications in process automation, from the compact F25 for small standard actuators to F31 sensors with or without a terminal compartment and flexible actuator system to the ultimate F31K2 outdoor sensor that offers maximum robustness, impermeability and an extended temperature range.