FeTu Compressor Technology

19 Mar 2018

FeTu Compressor Technology

FeTu are the new kids on the block with a very exciting and completely novel compressor technology.  A 'quad-acting’ positive displacement turbine with only two moving parts, who’s simplicity exudes efficiency.

Having only just completed their first prototype tests in February, they are already setting new records in terms of efficiency and pressure capability.  With second-round tests due in June, they are a 'must watch’ company for any compressor OEM seeking a defined market advantage.

The exhibition team will be accompanied by the company’s founder and inventor of the Roticulating concept and they very much welcome interest from manufacturers and high demand end users with compressed gas challenges beyond the limits of current technologies.

The FeTu design is compact, lightweight and quiet, targeting class-zero oil-free compressed gas applications.  The design natively lends itself to a wide range of applications and vacuum and expander capability are also set to be exciting.