Donaldson press release

16 Mar 2018

Donaldson press release

Donaldson: Filter innovations at Air-Tech, stand AF1741

Process and product integrity with Donaldson LifeTec® filters

Donaldson has been providing compressed air industries around the world with high quality filtration products since many years. From our initial beginnings to today, we have enhanced our offering with an ever-broadening product portfolio of sterile air, liquid, and steam filtration solutions characterized by top of the line process and product integrity.

At Air-Tech 2018 Donaldson showcases new filtration solutions for increased process reliability and lower production costs. LifeTec® depth and membrane filters for the filtration of liquids and the new sterile air filters of the P-SRF series enhance the efficiency of production processes. The LifeTec® liner features a new rhomb-shaped structure, which offers a better pressure stability and torsional stiffness than conventional liners. This helps to increase the process reliability. The larger filter surface, the high retention capacity as well as the mechanical and thermal stability of the pleated filter media lead to higher volume flows and an extended life cycle of the filters.

With the new sterile air filters of the P-SRF series, high retention rates (bacteria, viruses and particles) of down to 3 nm (nanometer) are achieved, to ensure process and product integrity. The robust design of the filter with its stainless steel liner allows a high filtration rate, a strong increase in the number of sterilization cycles and short dewetting times after steam sterilization, all leading to a significant reduction in operating costs.


Low noise: Adsorption dryer in whisper mode

The new adsorption dryer Ultrapac® Smart from Donaldson is among the finalists of the 2018 Motion Control  Industry Awards in the category “Technical Innovation of the Year”. The Ultrapac® Smart is the first compressed air dryer of its kind that is operated with a sophisticated silencer, with noise emissions in the range of just about 60 dB.

In addition to the quiet operation, the current series also offers additional new features: For instance, the dryer can be configured, installed, or integrated into machines and systems in different ways thanks to its compact, space-saving design.

A removable display also enables the comfortable monitoring of the adsorption dryer when space is limited. This allows to comfortably read e.g. the dew point, cycle times, and temperature. And thanks to Internet of Things and Industry 4.0-readiness, your data can be easily exported.

With the Ultrapac Smart, the customer also benefits from service worldwide coverage and reliable spare parts supply that are standard at Donaldson.


Sustainable on-site nitrogen generation

Companies often buy liquid Nitrogen and store it in cylinders or large vessels. Donaldson’s new nitrogen generator Nitropac provides the option to generate the gas on-site with various purity specifications from 95% to 99.9995%. Sustainable on-site gas generation can result in  low product lifecycle cost and a fast return on investment.

The generator comes with a modular expandable design, the entire range is based on the same adsorber module size, so the capacity can be increased by simply adding adsorber modules. High-efficiency pre and after filters with UltraPleat® technology are included in the generator package to ensure highest efficiency of air separation process and to ensure the high purity of the Nitrogen outlet flow.




Founded in 1915, Donaldson Company is a global leader in the filtration industry with sales, manufacturing and distribution locations around the world. Donaldson’s innovative technologies are designed to solve complex filtration challenges and enhance customers’ equipment performance.

For more information, visit www.Donaldson.com.

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