Privacy Policy

DFA Media will collect personal information from you including your name, address, telephone number,facsimile number and email address for use by our company.

We may from time to time make your data available to respectable third party companies to provide information which we believe to be of interest to you.

You have the option, to opt out of receiving promotional material via any of the methods available.

When you opt out of receiving promotional material from third parties, we still reserve the right to contact you via any of the methods available for promotion of our own corporate products of publications, exhibitions and seminars.

All data is stored electronically in a secure environment, We actively have employment contracts with all employees and sub-contractors preventing removal of any data from the secure environment without the consent of a company director.

ASP provide and host this website for DFA Media Limited.  ASP are registered with the UK Data Commissioner as Data Controllers and hold all the data within the UK.  To view ASP's full Privacy Pledge, then please follow this link:

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