Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities you can’t afford to miss!

Exhibitions are amongst the most cost effective forms of marketing you can employ. However, once you have made the initial investment in your stand, large or small, it is worth considering ways to maximise that investment. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to invest in a sponsorship opportunity at the show. This will draw visitors to your stand and improve their perception of your market position and strength. 
Opportunities available this year include:

  • ‘You are here’ boards - Places are limited to two at every show so book now! - £100.00/pair
  • Wall mounted banners around perimeter of hall - £950 per banner
  • Floor tiles – Why not lead visitors from the door to your stand? £200 per tile
  • Carrier bags – Sole sponsorship to all 5 shows - £4000
  • Lanyard badge holders - Sole sponsorship to all 5 shows - £3500
  • Aisle signs - £2500 to sponsor every sign or £900 each
  • Registration desk – A guaranteed port of call for thousands of visitors - £3500 
  • VIP  lounge – A great way to influence the influencers - £3500
  • Hall 3a Entrance/registration – All visitors will walk past your message - £3500
  • Hanging banners in exhibition hall - click here for details
  • Seminar theatre sponsorship - £3000

For further information please contact:  

Ryan Fuller on 01732 370340, email: ryan.fuller@dfamedia.co.uk

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